Program description

Learn with no limits by using the world’s most popular VoIP tool to connect intimately with one of our professional educators.  Integrate a rich online learning experience seamlessly into your day.

CLC Montreal is an approved educational institution by the Minister of Employment and Social Development Canada, Revenue Québec and the Québec Commission des partenaires du marché du travail.

Course description

CLC’s Skype lessons focus on building fluency and accuracy.

Customize your lessons based on a combination of the following:

Vocabulary Building: students practice vocabulary that they are interested in mastering

Skills Acquisition: teacher presents or reviews communication skills students lack

Skills Practice: students refine their skills and put into practice what they have learned


Lessons can be scheduled anytime between 9:00-21:00 Montreal time (EST).

Lessons are 45 minutes long and you can decide how many lessons you would like to do in a day or week.

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This program is open to Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced level (3C-1A) students.

Start dates

Students may start any time and are requested to confirm their lessons 1 week before.

Less than 20 lessonsMore than 20 lessonsMore than 100 lessons
50 / lesson45 / lesson40 / lesson
Any language
Registration: 50
Materials fee: 50

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