Program description

Private lessons accelerate learning. Everyone is unique and thrives best in a customized setting. As such, there is no faster way to learn than in one-on-one sessions built around your particular wants and needs. We will work with you for a day, a week, a month or a year! Specialized 20-hour packages are also available for learners with set goals. (See below.)

Private lessons are available for any language. Contact us for more details.


Work with the Head Teacher to personalize your lessons based on a combination of the following:

Vocabulary Building: students practice vocabulary that they are interested in mastering

Skills Acquisition: teacher presents or reviews communication skills students lack

Skills Practice: students refine their skills and put into practice what they have learned


The schedule is flexible to match your availability.

Study efficiently by focusing on your specific language needs.

Several lessons can be taken in a week to fit your schedule.


This course is available to ALL levels.

Start dates

Students may start any time and are requested to confirm their lessons 1 week before.


Private Lessons

  Less than 20More than 20More than 100
At CLCRegular50 / hr45 / hr40 / hr
Coaching65 / hr60 / hr55 / hr
On Location*Regular65 / hr60 / hr55 / hr
Coaching80 / hr75 / hr70 / hr
By SkypeRegular50 / 45 min45 / 45 min40 / 45 min
Coaching65 / 45 min60 / 45 min55 / 45 min
*Prices are for location accessible 15 minutes from a Montreal Metro station
Registration fees: 50

Private Lessons @ CLC

Monday – Friday
3pm – 6pm

$40 / hr

Let’s start!

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For example: Monday June 1st @ 13h, Wednesday June 3rd after 17h, etc

Specialized Programs


Our Head Teachers have crafted specialized 20-hour programs to help you achieve your goals in no time flat. Check them in the tabs above.

Aiming for something very specific? Tell us your desired outcomes and we will be able to create a 20-hour curriculum tailored just for you.

Food Service

Food Service (front) Food Service (back)

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Customer Service

Customer Service (front) Customer Service (back)

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Test Preparation

Test Preparation (front) 1505TestPreparation_BACK-2

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French Program

French Program (front)  1505FrenchProgram_BACK-2

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