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COVID-19 Update

Greetings CLC Community,

We hope you and your loved ones are well.

This message is meant to give you an idea of where we’re at regarding the reopening of the school. Honestly, keeping everyone up to speed has been a challenge. Between changing government orders and fundamentally pivoting our school, the situation has been very fluid over the last couple of months. We sincerely apologize if you would have liked more updates.

As a result of the new COVID-19 norm, many employees and teachers have chosen either not to return or are reluctant to return. So, with a smaller staff, we have needed to focus more on operations than on communications of late. However, know that we have been working hard to serve you behind the scenes… and are growing our team.

We want to assure you that we are committed to fulfilling all of our obligations to you. And, while it might take a little longer than anticipated, we will make sure everyone is treated fairly and done right. We know you are passionate about learning languages and we are eager to continue the adventure together.

We have been opening in phases over the past two months, and we continue to add more students to our schedule every week. Phase 1 was about analyzing the situation brought on by COVID-19, assessing the opportunities, and establishing a pathway to growth. Phase 2 involved restarting the school, getting a core team back into the space, and establishing new systems to realize the school’s plan.

Now, in phase 3, we are concurrently training teachers, and welcoming back students whose lessons were interrupted by the arrival of COVID-19. This involves reaching out to all of you individually and making arrangements for your return. If you have not been contacted, or you have yet to update us about your situation, please contact us as soon as possible at hello@clc-canada.com and someone will be in touch shortly.

In phase 4, starting mid-July, we will start inviting new students to do placement interviews. This will allow them to begin taking lessons before the end of the month. While many of you have inquired about having lessons at the school, we will focus on delivering and refining our online classes through the summer. Our goal is to open the school to “live” lessons again from September, phase 5.

Since the first day employees returned to CLC, health and safety have been priority one. And, this commitment will be maintained when visitors and students return to the space. COVID protocols are already in place to meet or exceed government recommendations. Everyone entering the space is required to bring their own mask, practice good hygiene, and follow social distance conventions of 1~2 meters. We need to take care of each other.

On a final note… in embracing innovation, we have undergone a renaissance as a school. And, through this digital transformation, we are able to provide even better lessons than ever before. However, the most important thing has been to emphasize the connection between student and teacher – the sharing, the humanity, and the wonder. Whether live or online, we strive to create learning spaces and experiences infused with joy.

We look forward to seeing people back in the space, but for now, all visits require an appointment. The best way to reach us is via e-mail: hello@clc-canada.com

We genuinely appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.

Stay safe.

Team CLC Canada

Hon. Senator

“I had the pleasure to do business with Culture Language & Connections for my training in English. Your professionalism and expertise have contributed to my learning. With your training, I feel much more confident when I speak in English.”

Hon. SenatorGovernment of Canada
Susann F.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful time and for your encouraging and motivating and diverse ways of teaching.  They really worked on me.  I will really miss having French classes with you.  (Weird – how can you miss a school?  But CLC is more than that!)”

Susann F.Germany
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