Program description

Join the conversation from slang to idioms, fast talk to casual expressions, take your language to another level. Real communication is two-way – understand and be understood. Every class helps you interact more spontaneously and confidently in the real world.

Course descriptions

Express 20

Core 15

These courses aim to give students the opportunity to learn and practice conversation and communication techniques in front of a teacher. Mornings consist of three 45-50 minute periods, each offering a different approach to communication: fluency, accuracy and application.

Fluency: students focus on pronunciation and rate of speech
Accuracy: students learn structures and improve accuracy
Application: students interact and develop communicative ability

Express 3

Engage in lively discussions with classmates across a wide range of topics, from practical to abstract. These classes push oral fluency and build confidence.

Thrive 2

Cultural Activity

Students explore various interesting spaces, events and cultural gems of Montreal. See the scene from an insider’s point of view.


20 / week

Core 15

Monday – Friday 10:00-12:45

Express 3

Monday & Wednesday 13:30-15:00

Cultural Activity

Fridays 13:30-15:30

(First Friday community lunch 13:00-15:00)

This program is open to Low Pre-Intermediate – High Intermediate levels (3C-2A).
Start dates

Pre-Intermediate or Intermediate
Students may start at any time.


Express 20 - Tuition

Number of
20 hours / week
1-24325 / week
25+275 / week
- AM class: 8 students max
- Registration fee: 100
- Materials fee: 10-50
- Prices include all taxes and are in CAD

Student visa eligible program incurs an additional cost of $950*. See Student Visa tab for details.

Student Visa

CLC Montreal Students Seeking a Student Visa: In partnership with Canada College – accredited by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement Supérieur (permit #693 550) – CLC Montreal is able to register students for programs from 6 to 12 months. As such, these students are eligible to apply for a Canada Study Permit and the Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ). Conditions include:

  1. registration in a full-time (20+ hours) English and/or French program at CLC Montreal;
  2. sitting two certified tests – IELTS, TEF and/or TEFAQ – at an official Canada College test center; and
  3. maintaining a monthly attendance of 80%+

Registration Fee100
Administrative Fee200
Test Fees(2 x 325)  650
Total: 950
* all prices are in CAD

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