Before You Start

Q1:  How do I become a CLC student?

If you are not yet in Montreal, we invite you to contact us by email.

If you are in Montreal, we invite you to make an appointment for a free placement interview and trial lesson.  We will work together to help you decide which type of course suits you the best.

Q2:  Is there a Registration fee?

Please note that there is a registration fee of $100 for morning and $50 for evening or private lessons.

Q3: Do I need a visa to study at CLC?

Canadian students

Canadian students and permanent residents do not need to do any special paperwork to enroll in CLC.

Foreign students

In general, visitors to Canada can study at CLC for up to 6 months without a study permit. Please note that CLC cannot assist in obtaining study permits (which are needed for study periods of 6 months or more). We invite you to read the terms that apply to your case on the following websites:

Once Registered

Q4:  When can I start classes?

Before your class starts, we ask you to take a placement interview. It is a short conversation encounter with one of the teachers of the school. This will allow us to determine your level.

Group classes

If your level is beginner, we invite you to wait for the opening of the next class level.

If your level is pre-intermediate, intermediate or advance, you can join immediately if there is space available in the class.  If there is no space open for your level, we will ask you to wait until a sufficient number of students are enrolled at your level before starting the course.

Private lessons

If you want to take private lessons, you can start immediately within the limits of available slots.

Q5:  Is it possible to switch programs?

You are enrolled in group classes and want to change to private lessons.

You can change and move from group classes to private lessons. Please notify us the previous week of the change.

You are enrolled in private lessons and want to take group courses.

You can go from private lessons to group lessons. If a group of your level is open, you can change immediately, otherwise we will ask you to kindly wait until a sufficient number of students are enrolled at your level.

You are enrolled in English or French and want to change the language to study.

You can of course switch from one program to another. You will however encounter a teacher to assess your level in the language you wish to study. If no class is still open, we will ask you to wait until a sufficient number of students are enrolled at your level before starting the course.

Q6:  What is the cancellation policy?

Please note that some fees are not refundable. Registration fees and administrative costs (commission agent if applicable, assignment fees for accommodation, cancellation of visas, etc.) will not be refunded in case of cancellation at the beginning or during the session. A cancellation fee ($100) will be added as well.

Before the classes start

For private lessons and group classes, a full refund less the non- refundable fee is possible.

After classes have started

For private lessons, a full refund less non-refundable fees and hours completed is possible.

For group lessons, if you have completed less than half of the courses provided in your initial contract, a partial refund of 85% will be granted if you cancel your contract during the first week of classes, 70% if you cancel your contract between the first week and half of the contract. If you have completed half of the courses provided in your contract, no refund will be granted except for some circumstances.

Refund & Cancellation Policies

CLC Life

Q7:  What is life like at CLC outside the classroom?

Joining in the activities at CLC

CLC offers a range of activities to make you able to speak the language you are studying in a relaxed way. Certain activities are reserved for students, others are open to the public, so you can bring a friend!

Each week, twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays, we offer volunteer and cultural activities. Check out the CLC activity calendar online or at school.

Becoming a volunteer

You can become a volunteer by participating at the Language Tea Time (see below).

Q8:  Who can join the Language Tea Time?

No need to be a student at CLC to attend this free and easy activity. No test is required, otherwise the willingness to share and grow in the language of the day (French on Monday, Japanese on Tuesday, Spanish on Wednesday and English on Thursday) by feasting on tea, coffee and biscuits around our table in a friendly atmosphere and mutual respect.

Please visit our Meetup page for full details.


Q9:  How can I become a partner?

If you are interested in connecting with us through a partnership, please contact our Community Coordinator.

Q10:  How can I become an agent?

Enable people around the world to study French or English in Montreal motivates you? Become an agent for CLC!  You can submit your application by contacting us by email:

Q11:  How can I join the CLC team?

We accept applications on a rolling basis as the school evolves. All positions start at several hours a week with the potential for growth over time. Joining us as a teacher means flexible hours and support for professional development.

We are looking for people who like connecting with others from around the world and can listen actively, accept feedback, and adapt. Ideal candidates will have lived abroad for a period of time and have certification and/or experience in language teaching.

To apply, please send your Cover Letter and CV to In your cover letter please note your availability and if you have a Driver’s License. We also encourage you to detail the diverse talents and experiences that make up your unique profile.

You can also apply by participating in one of our Tea-Times for the language in which you wish to teach, Mon to Thurs. When you come, please give a printed copy of your CV and cover letter to give to the Tea-Time facilitator.