• Working together

    We care deeply about your success in learning, and about our own ability to support you well.  Learning a language is a special collaboration between teacher and student.  Both have responsibilities.  Both shape the outcome.  If both establish shared goals and clear expectations from the beginning of the relationship, success is more likely.

  • Our PRO values

    We invite everyone who is part of the space to help cultivate an ideal learning environment where “everyone feels at home no matter where they’re from.”  To help keep this a reality at CLC Montreal, we request all who partake in the space to abide by our PRO values: be positive and participative, respectful, open and open-minded.

  • Rich French & English environment

    CLC Montreal’s primary goal is to help students achieve fluency and flourish in either of the two official languages of Canada. A key way we help students reach their linguistic goals is by creating an immersive environment that nurtures language growth both actively and passively. Students arrive expecting a space that communicates exclusively in English and French. When students speak other languages, it actually interferes with language acquisition of fellow students. And the impact isn’t one-way, switching languages has been shown to disrupt language learning for both the listener and the speaker. Beyond that, speaking a different language builds walls between students and unconsciously promotes cliques to form. Please help maintain an optimal learning experience and the harmony of the space by connecting only in English or French.