Approach to partnerships

At CLC we believe that to make a true difference in the world, we need to work at an individual and local level. We believe that community is built from the sharing of our talents in service of every single person in our space. We look at every relationship as a potential for partnerships and potential for mutual growth, and as such seek others committed to making the world a better place.

If you are interested in connecting with us through a partnership, please contact our Community Coordinator.

Service Partners

Businesses that are eager to introduce themselves to both the local and international set of students of CLC Montreal are given a chance to entice their patronage through various offers. Service Partners are displayed across various CLC media platforms and guide students to places that help them embrace and make the most of their time in Montreal.


5524 Monkland
(514) 489-8888
5731 Monkland
(514) 807-3915
Sandwichs - Sandwiches
5688 Monkland
(514) 600-3450
Coréen - Korean
bashachez fred
1455 rue Peel (Les Cours Mont Royal)
Cakes - gâteaux
5751 Monkland
(514) 485-9999
Libanais - Lebanese
5338 Sherbrooke Ouest
(514) 395-2716
Boulangerie - Bakery
olive-et-citronsuper sandwich
5508 Monkland
Grec - Greek

1115 Sherbrooke Ouest
Sandwichs - Sandwiches


Mokshamichel benchetrit immigrationLe Brow Bar
4260 Girouard #300
(514) 544-9642
4260 Girouard #101
(514) 939-2100
Avocat d'im. - Im. Lawyer

5690 Monkland
(514) 379-1319
Épilation - Threading / Waxing
Vendome Station
Salon de manucure - Nail Salon


bijouterie fresiableu ciel
5632 Monkland
(514) 485-8878
Bijouterie - Jewellery
5654 Monkland
(514) 483-0002
Vêtements - Clothing Store
Magasin en ligne - Online Shop
15 % de réduction
(code disponible à CLC) -
15% discount
(code available at CLC)
harold bergmanophirProxim
5510 Monkland
(514) 488-6391
Lunetterie - Eyewear
5686 Monkland
(514) 419-9916
Meubles - Furniture
3828 Décarie
(514) 484-7311
Pharmacie - Pharmacy

Corporate Benefit Partners

Sometimes a little bit more support is needed outside of the workplace to be comfortable in communicating and integrating into the Montreal community. Corporate Benefit partners’ employees and their family have a discount of 10% on all of CLC lesson’s regular prices.

The Association of Young Chamber of Commerce of Quebec

Electronic Arts


Consulate General of Mexico in Montreal

Consulate of Guatemala in Montreal

Consulate General of Italy in Montreal


Work Experience Partners

Organizations can find a helping hand, while at the same time support international students in their goal of integrating with, and contributing to, the community. The international students at CLC represent a dynamic class of individuals that bring impressive skills and a global mindset to any group whose values go beyond their walls. Work Experience Partners invite our students to play a role in their growth.

Thrivability Partners

Organizations and individuals that share our vision of a better world, where people can follow their heart and are keen on a living systems approach to thriving.  For more info visit: Thrivable World

Start Up Partners & Inspirations

Those who supported CLC Montreal from day one. We thank our local Start Up Partners and Inspirations for helping us open our doors.

Thank you to our partners:
And inspirations:

Culture & Language Connections was founded early in 2010, in the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures, in coherence with our aspirations.