Program description

Learn with no limits by using the world’s most popular VoIP tools to connect intimately with one of our professional educators.  Integrate a rich online learning experience seamlessly into your day.

Course description

CLC’s Skype / Zoom lessons focus on building fluency and accuracy.

Customize your lessons based on a combination of the following:

Vocabulary Building: students practice vocabulary that they are interested in mastering

Skills Acquisition: teacher presents or reviews communication skills students lack

Skills Practice: students refine their skills and put into practice what they have learned


Lessons can be scheduled anytime between 9:00-21:00 Montreal time (EST).

Lessons are 45 minutes long and you can decide how many lessons you would like to do in a day or week.

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This program is open to Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced level (3C-1A) students.

Start dates

Students may start any time and are requested to confirm their lessons 1 week before.

 1 to 19 lessons20 to 99 lessons100 lessons or more
Regular50 / lesson45 / lesson40 / lesson
Customized65 / lesson60 / lesson55 / lesson
- Any language
- Registration fee: 50
- Materials fee: 10-50
- Prices include all taxes for English and French, and are in CAD

Promotion: try the first lesson for only 20!

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  • We will contact you to schedule lessons.
  • Via email, you will receive schedule confirmation and other relevant documents.


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