Working at CLC often involves trying out a range of new roles and putting your talents to use wherever applicable. For many employees, that means gaining experience and skills that are useful in future endeavours; for “Jane of all trades” Tina, that new endeavour came not in the form of a new job, but motherhood.

A new mom to two small children, the juggling act Tina perfected at CLC has come in handy in her new role.

“Children change so fast within such a short period of time and to my delight, I’ve already mastered adapting to quick changes even before having kids thanks to my past experience.”

Tina has been at CLC since the early days, and like most staff members, she’s filled a number of roles over the years, including English teacher, community coordinator, social media coordinator and administrative assistant.

She said that while her coworkers are her favourite part of the job, she’s also loved having the opportunity to change and grow with the school.

“I’ve always felt as though my job was a dynamic one that is customized to my changing skills and needs. I feel blessed to be able to see the beauty of CLC from different perspectives because I have been able to hop from department to department, and work with so many inspiring individuals in each of them.”

In addition to her many job titles, Tina—who also speaks Cantonese and French—has also filled the role of “student” at CLC in the French department. As a native Montrealer and anglophone, her lack of French fluency made her feel self-conscious in such a bilingual city—a feeling that many students can relate to.

“I think learning a new language as an adult makes you appreciate the effort of many people in Montreal because chances are, they may have similar struggles, whether it be in English, French, or a third language.

“I feel it is easy to connect and empathize with a lot of people in this city because they have been through a similar journey to be multilingual, and that is definitely something special and beautiful.”

When Tina isn’t running around after her kids, she enjoys sleeping and “eating all the junk food” she hides from them. She’s eager to raise her children with some of the principles she encountered at CLC.

“The kind of environment that CLC fosters, meaning to be positive, open-minded, and respectful, and to continuously encourage others to gain confidence in themselves and to be warm and welcoming so that students feel at home, inspire me everyday to recreate that same environment for my children.  

“It is not that easy to replicate outside of CLC but this is what I hope to see in my future.”


– By Holly Tousignant