We are different people from different places but this is what unites us:

  • We are caring, friendly, outgoing people who are fascinated by the rich diversity of humanity, with its many languages, cultures and perspectives.
  • We are proud of our fierce commitment to excellence in teaching and in every detail of our work.
  • We are passionate about helping people learn new things – most of all, that they are capable of more than they think and that there is more love and laughter within them than they knew.
  • We are just as passionate about our own learning, as we constantly look for new ways to grow and new skills to develop.
  • We believe community is what makes life worth living.
  • We trust that if we are in service of life, life will serve us well.

What does CLC stand for?

  • Culture

    There are practical reasons to learn a new language, but to us the bigger value is discovering the rich diversity of human culture. This is how we see the world – and ourselves – with new eyes.

  • Language

    With a proprietary teaching methodology, personalized lessons, fantastic teachers, and the smallest class sizes in town, we get you speaking with ease – fast. No one in Montreal does it better.

  • Connections

    People tell us our school feels like home no matter where you’re from. This makes it easier to master a new language. But more than that, this sense of community makes life a little more meaningful.

CLC = Culture + Language + Connections

This formula is our passion and our offering to you.

What we care about most

We want many things from our work together: happy and successful students, a feeling of excellence and accomplishment, a thriving business, personal growth and recognition, a strong sense of community. But at the deepest level, we want to contribute to a world in which there is more joy, more understanding, more love. And to us, learning a language is a powerful way to do this:

  • We create a space and an experience in which people can feel joy, understanding and love.
  • And then, with greater ability to connect with others through language, our students leave us well-equipped to create even more joy, understanding, and love in the world.

These are the things we care about most.